BGB Luxury iLash

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BGB iLash can be reused up to 30 times with proper care. We have six styles from natural to dramatic to choose from. iLash Options: 

Cobbler: Our most natural pair. Often worn by brides. 

Blondie: Perfect for the naturalista that wants to step it up just a bit

Tart: Our cross between demure and drama

Truffle: a nice mid-drama iLash

Eclair: Drama Queen? Eclair is at your pleasure! 

Cookie: an elaborate and bold iLash! Bring on the drama with Cookie!

Let us see these treats on you! For a chance to be featured on our page, Tag us with your pics and videos on our social media pages @bakedglambeauty or use our hashtags #BGBilash #bakedglambeauty 

BGB Tip: Apply your lashes with our fast-drying BGB iLash adhesive. Also, check out our iLash applicator to make your lash application much smoother. Also promote lash care with iLash and Brow Serum

iLash Care

-Brush out lashes with our complimentary iLash spoolie after each use. 

-Although sleeping in your lashes are not recommended, if it were to happen no worries! Just gently remove the lashes and brush them out with a spoolie and place them in your iLash case until your next wear. 

-When removing your lashes, do not tug or pluck lash hairs roughly, doing so can damage the lash band and cause lashes to fall apart thereby limiting the longevity of your lashes.